Hello Neighbor & Welcome

Whether you’re a neighbor, work, study, or visit Koreatown, your input is much appreciated. Through a collective of discussion as a community, we can find common ground on issues that affect us all. We can see what we should focus on and if organizations are working to solve existing problems. There are many ways to share your concerns, issues, or comments from the neighborhood council (WCKNC), city council, county supervisors, mayor, US rep, and much more. Keeping the discussion local will often help make faster progress as the higher you go, the more area each member represents. Neighborhood councils act as a local voice for the community. Koreatown.life takes that model and enables an online forum for Koreatown to discuss. There are other communities and social platforms, but those often have a focus on monetization rather than making communities thrive.

We invite you to invite your neighbors, friends, family, and anyone who represents Koreatown. Without them, we can’t have an inclusive discussion.